DoseVue is constantly working on expanding our innovative range of in-vivo dosimetry solutions to bring added benefits to healthcare professionals and patients in radiation therapy.

DoseWire™ Series 200

We are validating exciting new applications for our existing product line:

Source tracking in brachytherapy
Developing capacity for real-time source tracking for full 3D dose reconstruction in brachytherapy.
Optimization for FLASH radiotherapy
Adapting device to be able to measure in ultra-high dose per pulse conditions (FLASH) up to 1000Gy/sec

DosePatch™ Family

We are working together with academic and industry partners to develop new dosimetry products and expand our pipeline:

Portable device based on the same materials as DoseWire™ Series 200, used to monitor 2D dose on patient skin by capturing scintillator images with a camera from a distance.
DosePatch™ QRT
Similar technology to the DosePatch™, used to perform 2D machine quality assurance (field homogeneity, field profiles, output factors, etc.)

EU projects

DoseVue is currently involved in the following international consortia for improved radiation therapy:

Horizon 2020 FET-Open Amphora
Development of micro/nanoparticles that can be used to perform 3D in-situ dosimetry. These particles serve at the same time as imaging contrast agents (for ultrasound).
Horizon 2020 Origin
Development of an integrated in-vivo dosimetry/source tracking device for brachytherapy, using scintillators and electromagnetic tracking technology
Interreg EURadiomics
Radiomics signatures for predicting cancer treatment outcome. Integration of in-vivo dosimetry in radiomics analysis

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