Series 200

In-vivo dosimetry device for improved radiation therapy.

A user-friendly
dosimetry solution

DoseWire™ Series 200 is a CE-marked medical device enabling real-time in-vivo dosimetry during radiation therapy. The compact optical fiber sensors can be easily positioned at up to four locations during procedures, applied on patient’s skin or introduced in natural and/or surgical cavities. Sensors are compatible with single use sterile covers, to ensure that safety and hygiene standards are met.

How does it work?

The DoseWire™ Series 200 has been validated in the following clinical contexts:

HDR Brachytherapy (using Ir-192)

Electron-based IORT

MRI -LINAC (6 MeV, 0.4 T maximum)

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)

Contact therapy (Orthovoltage therapy)

Proton therapy (up to 62 MeV)

Studies into further applications of the DoseWire™ Series 200 are underway, including exciting new developments in FLASH radiotherapy.

DoseWire™ Series 100

DoseWire™ Series 100 is a single channel, real-time measurement device enabling in-vivo dosimetryfor scientists working on radiation research and preclinical radiation tests.

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