• Cancer radiotherapy
  • Interventional radiology
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Reduced follow-up healthcare costs
  • Cancer radiotherapy

    In-vivo dosimetry, Intra-operative brachytherapy and IORT dose monitoring, Small fields dosimetry, Quality Control for X-ray generators
  • Imaging and Nuclear medicine

    Patient, Medical staff, Ambient dose and Contamination monitoring solutions
  • Research and Industry

    In-vivo dosimetry, X-ray and electron beam output live monitoring, Quality control, Occupational radiation dose monitoring
  • DoseVue product line

    Accurate, easy to use, versatile, affordable

Caregivers: A New approach to in-vivo dosimetry

Our products are designed to provide clinically relevant information on radiation doses with minimal impact on budget and workflow.


Control and Quality Control

DoseVue provides tools for optimized use of radiation in radiotherapy and diagnosis. Small form factor opens new ways and possibilities in dose measuring and sub-millimeter adjustments. 


Partners: New opportunities

If you are looking for expertise in the field of pre-clinical or clinical in-vivo dosimetry do not hesitate to contact us.

Our products: A new approach to in-vivo dosimetry and Quality Control

"Our mission is to create technologies for non-invasive or minimally invasive in-vivo dosimetry and small form factor dose measuring tools for quality control. Our technology helps optimizing treatment outcome at different steps. Medical and paramedical care givers along with the patients are central in the design of all our products. Our products are easy to use and have minimal impact on the total cost of care and patient flow. Stated simply: we offer a new approach for in-vivo dosimetry and quality control"

Meet the DoseVue managing team

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people

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